In Search of Leaders

Step back.  Look around the building. Are your direct reports leaders or managers?

Local media executives must continue to evolve from being managers to leaders.  The operating model for local media clearly needs a dramatic reset, a fresh perspective, right?  However, the overwhelming majority of stations still operate the same way they did 30 years ago (but with less people) despite unbelievable changes in consumer behavior.  Sure, everyone does more, but how many companies actually do it different?   This is an industry under siege and it desperately needs LEADERS.

• Leaders create change.  Managers get a known job accomplished.

• Leaders embrace opportunities and break the old rules.  Managers live by them.

• Leaders see the possibilities during unstable times.  Managers focus on doing more with less.

• Leaders originate.  Managers imitate.

• Leaders challenge the status quo.  Manager work within it.

• Leaders do the right thing.  Managers do things right.

We must all understand that change, constant change is the opportunity.

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