Accountability? Well, not in the World Series!

Yuli Gurriel hit a home run off of Yu Darvish last night. When he returned to the dugout, he held his index fingers to the outer corners of his eyes and pulled to narrow them, mimicking Darvish’s asian eyes. This from a 33-year old guy who make millions.

This is everything that’s wrong with people. We disrespect others based on how they are different. In today’s world, if you don’t look like me, talk like me, dress like me, make what I make, etc., I will single you out, go out of my way to make you feel ashamed of your difference, then call myself a Christian.

What ever happened to just being kind. What ever happened to embracing our uniqueness and celebrating life….together.

Like so many, Gurriel acted like a racist on a world stage. I can’t image what he’s teaching his children.

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