Perspective Is EVERYTHING

Today was an interesting day.  Here are just a few of the things that happened to me (all true):

  • I woke up with a headache
  • I cut myself shaving
  • The power went out while I was taking a shower and never came back on
  • Both my computer and cell phone were dead when I went downstairs
  • I had no way to contact the electric company about our power
  • Someone took my cell charger, so I couldn’t charge my phone
  • I went to pack my bags for an out-of-town trip I and didn’t have any black socks
  • I got into my truck only to find the gas gauge below “E” — compliments of one of my kids
  • It took me 20 minutes to find a parking place at the airport
  • I sat on a fully loaded airplane for 30 minutes before the flight was cancelled due to a hydraulics problem
  • We deplaned and were told that our new plane was not at the A Terminal and we needed to go to the D Terminal
  • The flight attendant was a jerk and wouldn’t help a passenger with her luggage
  • We finally departed two hours late
  • During the flight, I learned that Michigan State soundly beat Michigan in the Big Ten Championship Game costing the Wolverines a Number One seed

It is 5:30 pm, so I don’t know what this evening will bring.   Ugh!

Still, each day is determined not by what happens to us, but by what we choose to focus on.  Here are a few other things that happened to me today (all true):

  • I woke up.  Some people did not.
  • I woke up with my arm around the most beautiful woman in the world, my wife
  • Saturday night ended with no problems involving the kids (six kids in six states right now)
  • I shaved with a $6 razor blade — the best you can buy
  • I showered in hot water — at any temperature I wanted it to be
  • Unlike many, I live in a house that has electricity
  • Unlike even more, I have a computer and cell phone to charge
  • I am going out-of-town because I am lucky enough to have a job — something I love
  • Gas is 75 cents a gallon cheaper than it was a year ago
  • Fortunately, the pilot identified the problem with the landing gear before we tried to land
  • My flight was rescheduled and I will get to my location this evening instead of tomorrow
  • I got the exercise I needed walking through Terminals A and D
  • I had the opportunity to assist a woman with two broken feet put her luggage in the overhead compartment
  • I am posting this using WIFI on the airplane – it makes work and life easier
  • The U of M won the Big Ten Regular Season Championship — their first outright title in 28 years — they will be a Number Two seed at The Dance.

Every day our happiness is determined by what we think and how we react to the world we live in.  We all have a choice.  Plus, I really don’t like black socks anyway.

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